Beef Recipe

Beef Recipe

Beef is one of the tastiest meats in the world and what makes it so tasty is that there are a huge variety of cuts, meaning that you can use a cut to suit your budget and any ingredients you may have in your store-cupboard. Tougher cuts of beef such as brisket or ox-tail make for delicious stews and stocks, whereas leaner cuts such as fillet or topside make for wonderful roast beef or beef wellington. When buying your beef, look for a dark red colour with a slight marble of fat, and where possible, buy your beef aged as the flavour is better.

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About Beef:

Beef is widely cooked all over the world and is in fact the third most-consumed meat in the world, coming closely behind pork and poultry. In Oriental cuisine, beef is likely to be cooked very quickly and so a lean cut will be used, such as steak. In American and British cuisine, beef can be cooked more slowly, allowing the fat to render down, so cheaper cuts can be used.

In European cuisine, however, beef is often used in cured deli products, such as the Italian bresaola which is an air-dried, salted beef that has been cured for a couple of months. Bündnerfleisch is a similar product often produced in neighbouring Switzerland. Dishes such as steak tartare, which is finely chopped raw steak served with onions, capers and seasonings and steak Carpaccio, which is very thinly sliced raw beef dressed in lemon and olive oil are both popular in Europe.

There are plenty of beefy recipes above to get your teeth stuck into, including a recipe for Italian beef burgers, Swedish meatballs, beef stroganoff, beef and peanut curry, American shredded beef and the fantastic British classic, cottage pie. uses measurements and ingredients for the United Kingdom. If you are located in the United States, you may find makes more sense to you!

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